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Glass can perform many different roles to make your home more comfortable, more secure, more private or more practical. In fact, glass is an attractive alternative to many other materials, such as wood, brick or polycarbonate - it's simply a case of knowing what to ask for.

Having too much heat or light enter through the window can present as much of a problem as trying to keep heat in.

Control of the sun's heat can be achieved in a number of ways. The most popular is by using a coloured glass and the most efficient is using Double glass panels.

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Double Glazing

Moadaco provides the latest in energy efficient window and door technology. We utilise technology that includes argon filled double glazing and a unique system that is second to none. Why not choose double glazed windows for your home and save money on your heating and cooling bills (not to mention boost your resale value)

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass bonded together with a clear plastic interlayer so it cracks when broken but stays in position, reducing the risk of injury.
If you live near a busy road, railway line or under a flight path you might wish to use glass to reduce the noise to an acceptable level. There are various ways this can be achieved depending on the reduction required including the use of specially developed laminated glass. Fitting new insulating glass units is an opportunity to improve the noise levels in the home
We provide laminated glass for Special uses. The laminated glass comes in various thicknesses designed to withstand deadload and wind pressure. The substrate can consist of color, sand blasting, designed graphics.

Tempered glass

If you need Extra security your units can be fitted with tempered safety glass Toughened glass that is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass and it breaks into small, safe granular pieces on when broken.